Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 24 - late update

I have some late updates and I've been busy getting the car together for the Carlisle car show which has also now passed.  I have pictures to upload and a lot of things are going on now due to work and my new exposure onto the web with a video that has gone viral.

I will update within the next couple of days or by this weekend with pics of what all I worked on just in time to have the car running again (for the car show).

I also have a guy coming over to help out with my dragging brake I've had to listen to since I put it on the road.

Anyway, watch this space as a lot of interesting things are about to happen with the fuel management and the new arduino that got loaded into the car.  We're almost on top of the magic numbers needed to allow the computer to take over for me completely.  So no more turning of knobs will be needed!

I think I'm only a couple or three months away from putting on tag on this thing and trying it out on the road more.  Very exciting times indeed!  I'll be getting over to my buddy who will be doing the paint and interior next week.  He will help with the door windows and the regulators.  May also have him do the strut while he has it there to hold the doors open.  Would be some nice progress itself.

Anyhow, just an apology update so to speak for not posting in so long.  A lot has been going on with work too.  That's starting to blow up for me.  So maybe I can afford to pay for more work to be done instead of work that I'm having to do.  We'll see how that goes.

Take care all, and thanks for the interest in "the fumes car".  I would love to see thousands of them out there.  That would be history making for sure.  Come join me in that.


In case you hadn't seen it.  The video I'm referring to is where a guy who has a huge following filmed me explaining the car and firing it up for the camera.  Sounds great if I may say so myself.