Thursday, March 21, 2013

apologies to my 1st donators

I had a PayPal button instead of a widget initially on the site.  I found that the PayPal widget did more things, like track who's given donations, how much, etc.  shows the goal and how far along we are.  So I opted to do that, but because the money was already in prior to that widget, it didn't show it.  We do have donations though!  2 folks so far have totaled $120 USD.

And the first of that has been spent on a tap set for 1" NPT so I can make an exhaust flange for piping in hot exhaust to warm the fuel for the generator.  I had a coupon too so I'm making that money go further.  Was $48 for a 6 piece set.  I've got a the part cut and mounted on my drill press and started the holes being drilled.  I'm still searching for a way to cut the 1" hole for the exhaust to pass through.  I have drill bits for the mounting holes (where the bolts will pass through).

Will update again once I can drill that 1" hole and post up pics with it as well.

Just a quick update of where we are.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our first donation!

When I put up the crowd sourcing page on the site it was in an effort to explain and show (as folks do on what we're doing , how, what its all about, because that's really what crowd funding is all about.  Explain to folks what you're trying to do, and see if they're interested in seeing that technology come to life for everyone or not.

I was thinking if a few thousand folks put up like $10 each then that would turn into some real funding to make this thing go faster than I can on my own and within my own budget.  I have volunteers but they're not here like clock work or hired employees would be.  So I posted the page and got a hit.  Ok.  It was a really big fan of mine, but they want to see it go, so they kicked in $100!

I was thinking there we go, now we have someone kicking this thing off, so for anyone else out there who would like to see 100MPG+ in their V8 rides, give us a hand.

Thanks for the support we've had so far, but now that there may be some monetary support, maybe we can move this thing a long a little bit faster.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

More progress. . . and more success.

Working on a quick fix today to get the genny running on it's own steel tank that came with it.  I got a step drill bit and cut two holes in the top of the can.  One is so I could draw the fumes off of the top of the tank, the other is allow a bubbler type action inside of it as was done on the red gas can.

As it turned out, I had to remove the gas cap from the top of the tank to allow enough fresh air in to get a good ratio to run the motor.  This isn't ideal and will not be how I leave it in the end, but letting folks know this is one way it can be done. 

My original plan today was to recirculate exhaust back into the tank and help warm it up.  This wasn't working out so well, I hadn't realized I needed to remove the gas cap, so I went with the regular tube sitting down inside the tank like the red gas can had done.  Now that I realize that I have to run with the gas cap removed (for now) I can go back to my plan with the recirculated exhaust back into the tank and see how it goes. 

I am concerned though.  I don't think I'll do that until I cool it down more by making a pipe inside of a pipe setup like the GEET plans show.  Once I know the exhaust temp will be reduced, then I'll be more willing to give that a shot.

But without further hesitation, here's the video of the genny running in this mode.  Also under load.  I have a radio and one of the 1500 Watt heaters running off of it.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Been out sick

Sorry so late from the last post, but I've been having a horrible time with a bad stomach bug.  All better now and plan on making some progress with getting the shop squared away so I can start working in it.

I've got more than half of the floor painted already and moved a lot of my stuff in there from the garage so I can park the Volt in the garage again.  I'll be going out there later today or tomorrow and getting the stuff moved into the area where it is painted so that I can finish painting the floor.  It's going to be too cold for the coming week to finish the floor painting, so I'm thinking I can make more progress with the generator. 

I've still not secured the scale I was wanting to do the consumption tests with, but figured I can go ahead with re-plumbing the front of the carb so that I can re-assemble the frame and mount the original gas tank back on top of the genny.  Going this route allows me to do more in the way of warming the vapors.  As i really don't feel safe doing that with a plastic can.  :-)

So far I still have a second generator of the same make/model and with that owner's permission I'll be setting it up to run the consumption tests so I can have 2 in parallel to show the progression of the build instead of only being able to track/document the one.

Aside from that, I'll be working on the 1st vaporizer can design for the V8 this coming week.  Dimensions, etc.  I don't know when I'll get to cut it weld it etc, build that box, but that will follow the generator updates again.

as always I'll have more videos to post once I have progress enough to show something worth watching.

Take care.