Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sep 27 - good link

I've been wanting to post this link some place handy (other than my bookmarks in a browser) because it is crucial to understand this when dealing with fumes engines.  Flows (and timing :-)) are everything in these engines.  So when you're trying to get the most MPG (or liters per 100km) out of your motor, you're going to want to know what size to restrict the intake to if you're trying to achieve the best economy and you're not worried about sacrificing some power to do it.

Of course there is the other end of the spectrum where maybe you want a fumes motor but you want power too.  So maybe what you start looking into is a variable orifice device that can let you do both.  I talked about this idea in my lecture from last year (2015).

Anyhow.  Here we are.  This will let you figure out a throttle body size based on filling in some variables.  So you can see how much power you can make at what RPM for the sizes given.

The numbers I'm shooting for are at least 200 MPG or 1.1 liters/100km.  I think I can achieve this with a 2" intake restriction on my existing setup (355 cu in LT-1 from 95TA) currently on 58 psi fuel pressure and a single 24 lb an hour injector.  We'll see how it goes and post results here in the blog.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Sep 26 - body almost 100% aligned

I'm so close it is killing me!  There is a quarter moon appearance when looking through the alignment holes to bolt the body to the frame.  Those are 1/4-20 bolts that go in there, so we're talking about less than 5/16th of an inch to go!

The Fiero brake master and reservoir are poking through where the body lands because I had to cut an access hole to allow them through.  So I'm very close to being there.  I think there is just that last 1/4 of an inch needed from the rear and then it'll be forward enough to put the bolts in it.

I have had bolts in this body when there wasn't any radiators in it and no reservoir for the brake master cylinder.  So I do know that it does line up 100% when everything is where it should be.

In the spirit of my original goal (use what I have and make upgrades later), I'll be cutting the tab off of my existing hinge where the gas strut attaches to the top of the hinge on the front trunk lid (drivers side).  I can weld it back on at a later date when I can swap the reservoir for an Astro Van one.  I was told that one allows for the lid to shut properly without protruding too far forward as it does currently.

I'll add a picture of the reservoir poking through into the forward trunk area once I'm done trimming it out.  Still a little rough right now.  but here are a couple of pics for folks who have been following along, you can see just how close it is to fitting now.  So close!  :-)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sep 24 - no full stream

I've made a video update instead of a text one this time. Plenty of content there.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sep 17 - leaky assed rusty tank

So I went to plumb up the fuel lines to the tank and get some fuel in it... just to find out that my damned tank is so rusty, it leaked fuel into the floor.  Maybe had 4 gallons in it (if that much).  So I was out on this deal, this day.  I wasn't going to run the motor with fuel dripping onto the floor right under it.  :-)

I did however make some progress on 9-22 that will be on another post.  Found out I had the wrong quick connect fuel line fitting size for my NAPA 3737 filter/regulator.  I have since also found a replacement for that and will be getting benders on 9-24 to remedy that situation.

Here are the pics from Sep 17 where I discovered the crap tank.  I am really considering welding up an aluminum fuel tank with a buddy who will make it look like art.

There is also a youtube video about this problem you may want to check out.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sep 16 - Fresh fuel pump installed

I got to finish up the replacement of the 30 yr old fuel pump today.  I got the last of the fittings and fuel line I'll need to install the tank back into the car and get some fuel to that injector (one each).  :-)

I've told people to watch on Sunday for a video to show up on youtube of this thing driving down my street.  We'll see if I can get the last tid-bits done to get there.  I'm about to be standing beside myself.  :-)  Been a long time coming to get to this day...when I can drive it down my road in front of the house.  Can't wait.  :-D  Tomorrow is going to be so exciting!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sep 13 - Fuel tank removed

I got to pull the tank out today.  I followed what a guy called Brocephus on Pennock's forum said to do, was a really good write up I suggest it if you're pulling a fuel tank from a Fiero.

Straps and Tee bolts were all rusted up (as you would expect from a northern car that's 30 yrs old).  I had to cut the rear strap to get the tank out.  I'm replacing all of those old rusty bits with new ones from TheFieroStore.  New Fuel Hose to the tank from the filler neck.  New rubber seal for the ring where the pump and all mounts up to the tank.  I got a new fuel pump from O'Reilly's (stock for that car will be good enough as I'm only spraying one injector).

Parts should be here before the weekend.  I'm sourcing a local guy to pretty my tank up for me.  I hear there's a guy that'll make it look damn near as good as new for $100.  I think it's worth it.  Can't find these fuel tanks anymore.

So while I'm on hold for a minute I may start either the Arduino projects to do things like run the EGR for the vaporizer box heat or listen to the pulse width for the injector on the car and resize it based on a knob.  Or I may do the wiring to get the fans to turn on.  I have some things to do while I'm waiting on parts, that's for sure.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sep 12 - F#@K YEAH!!!

Just had a good long run with it on the bubbler and the temp came up and leveled off for a long time.  minutes. Dunno how many, but it was a longer run than I have run it before.  So I think I have the air out of it now.  Out enough that I'm not worrying about it anymore and am moving on. I think I'll work the fans getting turned on and the fuel job in parallel.  When I break from one I'll work the other.

Really excited it is moving along so quickly now.

Should have some automation work to do before long.

Peace.  :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sep 6 - Dear God

I got that devil named car's radiators in that you asked for. The body fits the frame at the bolt in locations too. Thanks for another wonderful day. :)
Maybe I'll plumb it tomorrow?
Yes those are rivets holding that box in for now. Once the new glass job holds it in, I'll drill the rivets out and clean it up so no one sees. :)