Monday, September 26, 2016

Sep 26 - body almost 100% aligned

I'm so close it is killing me!  There is a quarter moon appearance when looking through the alignment holes to bolt the body to the frame.  Those are 1/4-20 bolts that go in there, so we're talking about less than 5/16th of an inch to go!

The Fiero brake master and reservoir are poking through where the body lands because I had to cut an access hole to allow them through.  So I'm very close to being there.  I think there is just that last 1/4 of an inch needed from the rear and then it'll be forward enough to put the bolts in it.

I have had bolts in this body when there wasn't any radiators in it and no reservoir for the brake master cylinder.  So I do know that it does line up 100% when everything is where it should be.

In the spirit of my original goal (use what I have and make upgrades later), I'll be cutting the tab off of my existing hinge where the gas strut attaches to the top of the hinge on the front trunk lid (drivers side).  I can weld it back on at a later date when I can swap the reservoir for an Astro Van one.  I was told that one allows for the lid to shut properly without protruding too far forward as it does currently.

I'll add a picture of the reservoir poking through into the forward trunk area once I'm done trimming it out.  Still a little rough right now.  but here are a couple of pics for folks who have been following along, you can see just how close it is to fitting now.  So close!  :-)

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