Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sep 13 - Fuel tank removed

I got to pull the tank out today.  I followed what a guy called Brocephus on Pennock's forum said to do, was a really good write up I suggest it if you're pulling a fuel tank from a Fiero.

Straps and Tee bolts were all rusted up (as you would expect from a northern car that's 30 yrs old).  I had to cut the rear strap to get the tank out.  I'm replacing all of those old rusty bits with new ones from TheFieroStore.  New Fuel Hose to the tank from the filler neck.  New rubber seal for the ring where the pump and all mounts up to the tank.  I got a new fuel pump from O'Reilly's (stock for that car will be good enough as I'm only spraying one injector).

Parts should be here before the weekend.  I'm sourcing a local guy to pretty my tank up for me.  I hear there's a guy that'll make it look damn near as good as new for $100.  I think it's worth it.  Can't find these fuel tanks anymore.

So while I'm on hold for a minute I may start either the Arduino projects to do things like run the EGR for the vaporizer box heat or listen to the pulse width for the injector on the car and resize it based on a knob.  Or I may do the wiring to get the fans to turn on.  I have some things to do while I'm waiting on parts, that's for sure.

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