Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sep 27 - good link

I've been wanting to post this link some place handy (other than my bookmarks in a browser) because it is crucial to understand this when dealing with fumes engines.  Flows (and timing :-)) are everything in these engines.  So when you're trying to get the most MPG (or liters per 100km) out of your motor, you're going to want to know what size to restrict the intake to if you're trying to achieve the best economy and you're not worried about sacrificing some power to do it.

Of course there is the other end of the spectrum where maybe you want a fumes motor but you want power too.  So maybe what you start looking into is a variable orifice device that can let you do both.  I talked about this idea in my lecture from last year (2015).

Anyhow.  Here we are.  This will let you figure out a throttle body size based on filling in some variables.  So you can see how much power you can make at what RPM for the sizes given.

The numbers I'm shooting for are at least 200 MPG or 1.1 liters/100km.  I think I can achieve this with a 2" intake restriction on my existing setup (355 cu in LT-1 from 95TA) currently on 58 psi fuel pressure and a single 24 lb an hour injector.  We'll see how it goes and post results here in the blog.


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