Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sep 17 - leaky assed rusty tank

So I went to plumb up the fuel lines to the tank and get some fuel in it... just to find out that my damned tank is so rusty, it leaked fuel into the floor.  Maybe had 4 gallons in it (if that much).  So I was out on this deal, this day.  I wasn't going to run the motor with fuel dripping onto the floor right under it.  :-)

I did however make some progress on 9-22 that will be on another post.  Found out I had the wrong quick connect fuel line fitting size for my NAPA 3737 filter/regulator.  I have since also found a replacement for that and will be getting benders on 9-24 to remedy that situation.

Here are the pics from Sep 17 where I discovered the crap tank.  I am really considering welding up an aluminum fuel tank with a buddy who will make it look like art.

There is also a youtube video about this problem you may want to check out.

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