Thursday, March 21, 2013

apologies to my 1st donators

I had a PayPal button instead of a widget initially on the site.  I found that the PayPal widget did more things, like track who's given donations, how much, etc.  shows the goal and how far along we are.  So I opted to do that, but because the money was already in prior to that widget, it didn't show it.  We do have donations though!  2 folks so far have totaled $120 USD.

And the first of that has been spent on a tap set for 1" NPT so I can make an exhaust flange for piping in hot exhaust to warm the fuel for the generator.  I had a coupon too so I'm making that money go further.  Was $48 for a 6 piece set.  I've got a the part cut and mounted on my drill press and started the holes being drilled.  I'm still searching for a way to cut the 1" hole for the exhaust to pass through.  I have drill bits for the mounting holes (where the bolts will pass through).

Will update again once I can drill that 1" hole and post up pics with it as well.

Just a quick update of where we are.


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