Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our first donation!

When I put up the crowd sourcing page on the site it was in an effort to explain and show (as folks do on what we're doing , how, what its all about, because that's really what crowd funding is all about.  Explain to folks what you're trying to do, and see if they're interested in seeing that technology come to life for everyone or not.

I was thinking if a few thousand folks put up like $10 each then that would turn into some real funding to make this thing go faster than I can on my own and within my own budget.  I have volunteers but they're not here like clock work or hired employees would be.  So I posted the page and got a hit.  Ok.  It was a really big fan of mine, but they want to see it go, so they kicked in $100!

I was thinking there we go, now we have someone kicking this thing off, so for anyone else out there who would like to see 100MPG+ in their V8 rides, give us a hand.

Thanks for the support we've had so far, but now that there may be some monetary support, maybe we can move this thing a long a little bit faster.


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