Friday, March 1, 2013

Been out sick

Sorry so late from the last post, but I've been having a horrible time with a bad stomach bug.  All better now and plan on making some progress with getting the shop squared away so I can start working in it.

I've got more than half of the floor painted already and moved a lot of my stuff in there from the garage so I can park the Volt in the garage again.  I'll be going out there later today or tomorrow and getting the stuff moved into the area where it is painted so that I can finish painting the floor.  It's going to be too cold for the coming week to finish the floor painting, so I'm thinking I can make more progress with the generator. 

I've still not secured the scale I was wanting to do the consumption tests with, but figured I can go ahead with re-plumbing the front of the carb so that I can re-assemble the frame and mount the original gas tank back on top of the genny.  Going this route allows me to do more in the way of warming the vapors.  As i really don't feel safe doing that with a plastic can.  :-)

So far I still have a second generator of the same make/model and with that owner's permission I'll be setting it up to run the consumption tests so I can have 2 in parallel to show the progression of the build instead of only being able to track/document the one.

Aside from that, I'll be working on the 1st vaporizer can design for the V8 this coming week.  Dimensions, etc.  I don't know when I'll get to cut it weld it etc, build that box, but that will follow the generator updates again.

as always I'll have more videos to post once I have progress enough to show something worth watching.

Take care.


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