Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regular work took over

I had to go put in a lot of hours, doing my regular job of helping folks with data networks.  I did however get to start the V8 a few times over the past few weeks for several folks.  That's always fun to see the expressions on their faces when they get to hear the power that motor makes.  It always removes doubters who think these things can't make power under fumes.  It seems to always be one of those seeing is believing moments for them.  I get excited too because I want to work on this stuff 24x7 until its done.  But, alas there are bills to pay.

Another good thing that I got to do today was build a ramp to allow cars to be driven into my shop.  So I think when my mother gets here in a couple of weeks with her 3/4 ton truck, I'll get to pull my race car trailer up the hill and allow the 78TA to be rolled out of it and into the shop.  Then I'll get to work on making that thing run on fumes and I'll finally have my first driver.

If I can get enough hours into my go-kart before that time comes, then I'll try to do a quick conversion on it and have it running before the Trans Am.  Here's to hoping I'll have the time to make it happen.

Take care and thanks for the support!

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  1. You have seen what I used to the sound. It heads ain't turning it ain't loud enough! Enjoy. Looks like you are on your way!