Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still no bldg...

But I'm now on a list!  Hopefully it won't be long before I get that call that tells me the schedule.  I've also got some info to confirm about the building size for the spot I have to build on, but will accommodate more space if required.  It's just a couple of extra feet if need be.

So that's really the update for now.  There hasn't been any progress from the last videos as I haven't had any room to really work on this stuff. 

I've got a buddy who's looking into electrics.  I've got a kit of stuff I'd like to outfit an over sized go-kart with once the shop is in too.  I already have most of the parts I need to make that happen.  Well, as far as a build out the platform is concerned, I still need a controller and wiring harness.  I may also look into getting batteries like the ones in my Chevy Volt.  This guy was selling them, I don't know if he still has any or not.

So until I get a building, there may be radio silence here a bit longer.


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