Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long time since last post

But there has been a lot of progress.

There was the go-kart going through all of it's updates:

Running on fumes in the shop.

Then I got it out onto the road and had a little more progress.

Then I removed the bubbler and got it running using the on-board fuel tank.

Next I added a heater and then this thing really came alive!  I had so rich a mixture it was killing the motor!  And I had to turn the fumes down.  It was running like a bat out of hell then!


So then I moved on to the 78  Trans Am. . . .  :-o

I have had this car off and on, forever.  It was my first car and I've got it back again.  It's been through hell and back already a couple of times over.  It is in the process of getting fixed up again (I'd say for the 3rd time)  my first time of fixing it up was in 1986, then mother took it for a cleanup in the interior last time she had it (fresh motor build and tranny build too then), but now it's back to basics and body work again.  Anyhow.  I had some buddies come over and help me get it out of the trailer and into the shop.

Here's some pics from that night.

Had a blow out in earlier 2000's and the tread cleaned the right front spoiler and center spoiler out from under the car.  I recovered the center and it could be reused with some repairs but that right front, we never could find it.  I'm sure it was in a thousand pieces after it left the car.

 Not the proper bird for the hood but was all I could afford when I was 18 and getting it done on E-1 pay.

Bill had to put some air in the tires.  We still scraped bottom letting it roll down into the shop.


So then I got to thinking about some dual bubbler action like I've done in the 355 LT1 videos.  Where I've shown that V8 motor on the stand running.  Well.  I've went and done it now.  After some trial and error on the air/fuel mixture and ways of enclosing that chamber above the carb so it only gets fumes..... I've made it happen.

So I took a 2" high, 10" diameter air cleaner from Edlebrock.  I took an old kick panel (it used to be on our front door of our house) and I tossed out the air filter.  Sandwiched the kick panel in between the top and bottom cover pieces from Edlebrock.  Drilled and pop-riveted that piece together. Used electrical tape to cover all the screw holes that originally came in the kick panel.  Taped up the top and bottom and join locations so I didn't get any air leaks.  Then I used my unibit to drill out holes to pass the bubbler tubes into the chamber (which is way too big and filled with nothing).

I tried to get the car to start but there was too much vacuum in the big black bubbler and it was imploding.  I unscrewed the drain cap at the one end of that bubbler and this relieved the negative pressure in that tank.  Damn that 400 is hungry.

So there you go it's another case of there you have it.  The car ran for a little over a minute as it was running before I started the video.  But as it was warming up there was smoke coming out from under the car.  Then I remembered that I didn't have hardly any tranny fluid in that TH350.  So I quickly ended the video and will be replacing the tail shaft seal and putting fluid in there this weekend (hopefully).

Y'all take care and stay tuned for more updates.  Thanks for your support.  :-)


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