Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb 08 - Some intake goodies came in

I didn't get all of the parts I'm waiting on, but felt that it has been entirely too long since my last post and any progress being made.  I have done a couple of little things on the motor.  Clean up some wiring, very little.  Plug wires got routed better.  Started to mock up the intake better with the parts that came in.  Radiator hoses from the water pump are looking pretty good.

My reducing coupler came in.  3.5 inch to 3 inch.  It is used to connect from the air intake elbow to the intercooler (vaporizer).  The piece that is in front of the oval shaped throttle body and makes a 90 degree turn into a 3.5 inch round opening.

So I took some shots of what I've got and will be contacting a guy to do some aluminum welding for me, hopefully this week.  I'll have him work out the fuel injector bung and holder of the fuel rail on the bottom of the intercooler as seen in these pics.  It is being converted into a vaporizer box.

Thanks for your time.

The hole that can be seen on the square end facing the camera, pointing towards the radiator hose is the exit line for the exhaust fumes to be routed up to the EGR controlled port on the intake plenum.  The one that is pointing down out of the bottom of the intercooler (vaporizer) is a mounting point for holding the box.  There is one on the top just like it.  Meant for an M8 bolt.  You can see through to the air passage inside this hole.  I've considered using it to double as a k-type thermo couple mounting location.  Depends on what sizes and lengths I find that I want to use to know the intake air temperature in this spot on the top.  I have to make sure I keep this temp in a workable range while driving in all sorts of conditions.

Another couple of good shots to see the NOS injector port that will be used for hydrogen enrichment in my fumes 2.0 version of this motor.  If you see irondmax (Max Miller) videos on youtube, you can see what kind of improvement this will be to my gas mileage.  Well, when you're running on more water than you are gasoline, of course your mileage goes up!  :-)

But this should go up about 4 times that of what I can get on just straight gasoline fumes only.  So I should have a variable 200 ~ 800 mpg rating on the highway when just cruising.  Gonna be nice.  About time.  Been over 100 years in the making. 

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