Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30 - Major advances

Hi all, it's been a while since my last update.  Seems linger than it has been.  Anyhow, there have been multiple advances all done within a week or so.

They are:

Oil pan tightened
Oil Filter relocation kit installed
Transmission bolted/torqued to engine adapter plate
Starter shimmed and transmission clearanced for it
oil added to transmission
oil added to engine
PS header installed for fitment check and removed
exhaust manifold reinstalled
PS main frame rail replaced (tons of fab and welding)
new bubbler picked up and tested on motor
shot video of motor running on fumes now that it is installed in car
1st run with starter being moved to other side of engine

Transmission is brand new
it's never been in a car before
it's first drink of oil. Mobil1 for my baby
G6 6-speed F40 as they're typically called on the forums

It's all 5w-30 anyway

motor oil goes in here. :-)

Gotta get the throttle-body back on it

Look at them coils.  mmmm

grrr a bit

Sometimes ya gotta grrrr a lot

Look at that frame rail.
awww yeah
aint pretty but it works

A video of it running finally.  It's been a while since this was running on the stand.  Needed the oil circulated again of course :-D

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