Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dec 19 - disappointing clutch line

I was so happy to see my Classic Tube clutch line come in for my car!  I finally got around to trying to put it in today.  I've been waiting on it, as I wanted to allow the clutch to engage the transmission completely.  I wanted to shift the transmission into a gear and see the output shaft turning.  Being able to spin the oil in that brand new transmission.  But alas, no dice.

The line was a special order as it was for an 84~87 Fiero but with 11" added to the length in the back.  I got the old stuff out.  Line was rusted into 2 in one place.  The old clutch master was nasty.  So I got it out of there.  Cleaned up the nuts and studs for the old mounting point on the clutch master.  Got some anti-seize on the studs. 

Then the banjo on the new master didn't want to slide onto the bushing for the clutch pedal pin.  So I took a Dremel and a narrow diameter sanding drum to it.  Got that just big enough that it fits very nicely.  Added a little bit of 75w-90 to the bushing and slid the banjo onto it.

Then I went in pursuit of the new clutch line going on.  I was excited as I knew I was only moments away from being able to purge the clutch line and see this thing with the motor running and the clutch being operated to spin the tranny and then not.  But as I worked out the locations on everything, I was discovering an unsavory thought.  This pre-bent hard line matches up perfectly if I have the type 2 clutch master.  It isn't worth a shit because I have a type 1 clutch master.  I was very clear about which one I have.  I knew that the two are not interchangeable and would mean that I would wait even longer for this day to come.  I was really looking forward to what all I was going to be able to do over the holidays with this piece out of the way.

So now come Monday I'll be calling the Fiero Store back and letting them know about the screw up.  I'm glad the piece that I need to get exchanged is relatively short and shouldn't be too much of a deal.  We'll see what the response is like and hopefully it won't be a long wait for the replacement part.

I do have a strange thing going on in the back of the car where the end of the line and the connection to my transmission goes.  I will be looking for a coupler for my hard line connection to replace my short flex line piece.  That piece of flex line makes for too long of a reach between the hard line and the plug into the tranny.  I'll come up with something.  I always do.  I want the flex bit more than straight from hard line, but it would work out if it were directly connected too though.  We'll see.  I'll post pics once I get to where I'm ready to connect that bit.  You'll all see what I'm talking about.

Another chapter in the on-going saga of the Diablo build.  Take care y'all, it's a jungle out there.


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