Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dec 30 - Go fast pedal works!

I'm pretty excited bout this part.  I like to mash it a lot when I'm driving.  One of my favorite things in the world is an accelerator.  :-D  Always brings a smile to my face.  And this one is now in the books to work the throttle.  It's not got the final fastener hardware on it yet, but it does work and that's more important than pretty!  :-D

I've also gotten down to the last of the positioning of the vaporizer box (water to air intercooler) whichever you like to call it.  :-)  I think I should make a slightly premature shout out to from whom I bought my unit.  It's a type 4 on their web site.  I haven't plumbed it all up yet to verify that it doesn't leak, etc., but the welds on it look very nice, so I suspect it's a good unit.  It has 1/2 NPT tapped ends on it so I can plumb up the heat to it.  :-)  Can't wait.  That'll be fun!

You can see the flex hose that connects the vaporizer to the intake elbow was still not trimmed yet in this image.  I've still got an inch I can lose off of that hose and it'll get me closer to my radiator hose from the water pump, and it'll give me more room over to the right where the elbow or 180 will go for the air filter to attach to. 
(my red T-shirt was reflecting in the vaporizer in this image)

I also need the room to the right as this is where I will mount my solitary fuel injector into the air stream.  So by the time it mists out and hits that intercooler (vaporizer) and it's heated, we'll get all fumes from that fuel.

If anyone has any experience making their own fuel rail for a fuel injector and can lead me a but I would appreciate it.  I'll be making the single injector thing next.  Well, next major fabrication job.  I've got smaller ones (some I've which I've done before and will have to re-do them now), the steering for example.  So that should go faster this time as I've done most of it before.  Always quicker second time around on the same job ya know. 

But yeah, I'm looking for folks who have actually made their own fuel rail, injector setup, the whole deal.  Thanks.

No arm chair quaterbacks need apply.  :-)

Parting shot:

Was thinking about trying to get my last chance at getting the power steering pump in the back, on the motor.  But this shot just proves I've got to give that up and move it to the front.  I'm just gonna spin it with an electric motor.  It'll be fine.  1 Horse I think it enough.  Constant RPM.  Unless I find out there is something to the rack behaving differently at varying speeds, then I'll look at it.  But I doubt that's the case on these PS units.  One less set of hoses to route from the front to the back then too.


Take care.
Ya only go around once...
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