Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan 01 - Shift into a new year

I know that might sound like I'm stealing it from Nissan, but not really. An old ad campaign that they once had. What I'm talking about is my new shifter. Ok the shifter isn't new, it was rusty and I got it cleaned up with the help of my son. But once that got freed up, then we installed the new shift cables I got in from Rodney Dickman. Got everything attached up and connected it up. Only thing I'm missing now is the clips that hold the bushings on the shift cable for the bracket where it connects on the transmission side.

I tried printing some clips on my 3d printer which I will still pursue but they're only temporary until I find the proper metal clips.  It looks like the ABS won't hold up to the pressure and it'll allow the bushings to slide out of the bracket.

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