Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jan 02 - Steering into the right direction

I've read up quite a bit on the power steering scene on the Fiero forums and such.  For what will work best for me, I'm finally getting together. 

I'm also using my original 95TA steering wheel, so I have a different angle need from those who are keeping their Fiero steering wheel.  (I wanted my buttons on my wheel for the tunes, I still like to use them.)

I need a steering rack from an LS1 F-body (98-02), check. 
I need to cut the original mounting locations off of that rack, check. 
I need a plate to make a mount for the rack to mount to, check.
I will use the 2000 - 2005 MR2 Spyder electric power steering pump assembly (includes ECU and reservoir), on it's way from eBay.

I've cut off the tabs on my rack and the drivers side original Fiero rack mount from the cross member.  I'm basically looking over what WCF says to do overall for the physical install bit, and what Spoon over at Pennock's forum is saying about the MR2 electric power steering unit.

I've copied a couple of pics from VWvortex forums for the wiring illustrations for this setup as well.

So today I got all of the cutting done.  Still need to drill a few holes, make a baby bracket and put it together, but I had to POR it once I was done that far along so it'll set up overnight. 

Here's what it looks like now.

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