Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jan 02 - They don't make them like this anymore

I've had a few people asking about my coil over suspension.  They're really good quality and the company who made them, did a very good job at making them a bolt on application for the 84-87 Fieros.  The rear setups are here for reference of those who may be interested in how they're made.  Hopefully enough can be gained from the pictures to help others out in their own fab builds for themselves.

As much as I don't like rust, it may actually help here in seeing the contrast of the different elements and help distinguish the parts.  :-)

These are 27 spline S-10 Blazer front hubs from the 4x4 (of course).

The end of an S-10 4x4 Blazer axle actually pokes out more than is needed here and has to be trimmed to fit center caps on the wheels once mounted.

These photos should allow to be zoomed into.

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