Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dec 24 - Clutch is good me thinks! On to the intake (for now)

I got an email back from V8 Archie.  Sounds like I'm good to go on my clutch.  He was saying that it being an open diff it'll give power to the one that isn't there (least resistance) and until I can put it on the ground with the axles in it, I won't know for sure about my clutch.  But based on what I do know about it already, I'm feeling 100% better about it.

Pics of the clutch master and line install.

For some of the other things that have been done or are in current stages of production.

I've got some shots of how it's starting to look for the intake, which I haven't completely decided just yet.  The water to air intercooler is the part that will become the fumes vaporizer box.  I'll plumb hot exhaust gases through it and back into the intake manifold (plenum), EGR style so that I can make fumes on demand.  I have a video explaining all of that if you want to see that or hadn't seen it yet.


The first way around makes for a tighter fit of everything, and I do like where the fuel injector would go in that case, but I don't know that I could route all of the cooling lines where they need to go and avoid some things with that vaporizer being in that position.

The second way makes for plenty of room of routing everything, but the fuel injector gets put into a position that I'm not too happy with.

I have the new intake elbow that needs a little metal clean up around it before final fitting.  I have the test position of the water pump and alternator hanging there to test fit for bracketry to be made if it all goes well.

You can also see a fitting location (typically for NOS) on the intake elbow, that will later be used for hydrogen injection.  Once that gets added my gasoline mpg will go anywhere form the hundreds of mpg to infinity as I could run on straight hydrogen at times.

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