Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dec 23 - Clutch line is in now - my bad

So I talked to Justin over at TFS (The Fiero Store).  He told me that there is only the type 2 line sold any more as you can make a couple of bend adjustments to it and it'll work on the type 1 lines.  So I did that and got it installed.  Yay!  Thanks Justin!

Now on to the rest of the Fiero clutch saga...

So I've bled the master.  The line.  And got back to the 6 speed and it was looking good.  I got good pedal feel.  So I shifted the tranny into a gear and then bumped the starter over (no fuel) to see the output shaft turn.  Nothing.  I pressed the clutch pedal and released it a couple of times.  Nothing still.  Went back and pulled the bleeder out of the line and depressed the + shaped button on the connector that goes to the TO (throw out) bearing to release any extra pressure it may have holding the clutch in place of me.  Nothing there either.  It's not hooking up.  Of course I bled it again after that little stunt.  But if anything bad would have happened from that I may set myself into the normal thing that people complain about, nit the one where it won't hook up.

I see plenty of people talking about the opposite.  Where you press the pedal all the way in but can't get it to completely free up.  I definitely don't have this problem. So I've put an email out there to Archie of V8 Archie as he has done a ton of these.  I want to see if he's seen this before.  I'm at a loss for what to do next on this one.   I was wondering if there was a dust boot on the face of the TO bearing that I may have left in there?  I didn't remember seeing one.  Of course I took the one off of the splined input shaft to install the tranny.  I don't know.  I'll see what others have to say next and see what I may need to do.  If there is a dust boot over the face of the TO bearing I'll be feeling pretty crunchy.  AND have to drop the cradle separate the motor from tranny to find out.  That will suck!

Anyway.  Keep up the positive responses, it helps in nudging me along in times like these.


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