Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 11 - some days are harder than others

Some days the V8 pulls you up the hill....
    Some days you have to pull the V8 up the hill.  :-)

This was me playing brake while I got the rest of the young 'uns to help bring the motor UP out of the shop and into the driveway.  I've got a ratchet strap around my back/hips area and am pulling the V8 up out of it's hole it was hiding in.

I had Nate helping out here.  We were dropping the hoist from the motor and seeing if our mock up would hold together to test in the engine bay.  That's a V8 Archie adapter plate there.  It came with my kit when I had bought it off of the guy years ago.  now I'm wondering how do people put an LT1 and F40 together?  My bell housing on the tranny won't clear the pressure plate/flywheel of the LT1.  I wonder if folks are cutting the housing out?  Or if they are getting some other set-up for the flywheel/pressure plate combo?

I know the V8 Archie flywheel I have for a regular old 350 doesn't work on the LT1.  The center hole size and bolt holes are no where near lining up on this motor.

 Oh yeah, it's gonna be close.  The measuring tape says there is 1/16 of an inch in there on each side.  It will be that close getting it in there I think.  I've read that others have done it.  I'll be one too if I can find that big shoe horn I have around here some place.

This is the PS where the harmonic balancer needs to miss the frame rail here.

This is the DS where the tranny has to miss the frame rail over here.  You can tell between these two pics that it will be VERY close.  It will have to be on the money or it won't go in.

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