Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb 14 - color

Hard to shoot colors and they come out right, but I think this is close. I put a couple of bends into it to see it at different angles at the same time.  i.e. how a color looks as it rolls over an edge.  Where and how much does it darken up, that kind of thing.

This is the color I spoke of in an earlier post, in 1999 Lamborghini called it candy apple blue.

I have an email thread going with V8 Archie, trying to decide how much kit I'm buying from him to make this assembly bit go faster.  It's about the LT1/F40 combo that I'm going with.  Hard to find individuals who have done this.  I'm at least going to do the flywheel/clutch/pressureplate, I'm trying to decide how much more than that to get from him.

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