Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mar 4 - catch up on steering

We've been slowed due to cold weather lately. 

I do have some pics and updates about the steering rack going into the car.  We've got the boxes all welded up, just need to drill some holes in them now.  We also have the collapsible link removed from the f-body steering column.  So this should allow the steering wheel to be located at the right depth in the cockpit (alignment with the instrument panel) and to meet up with the location the brackets sit the rack into the front of the car.

I've had folks interested in the mounting boxes.  If this all comes out well I will post up the dimensions where folks could replicate what I've done for 4th Gen f-body cars steering rack/column installs into their cars.  I like having the buttons on the wheel to run the stereo system.  I may re-purpose a couple of them for other cool stuff (like switching camera views on my monitor).  One button is enough for that (toggle/cycle views).

Zach working away.

Ran out of wire, will have to finish the job tomorrow.

Boxes are done (welding).

Removed the link from the f-body column.

Here's the finished part.  We ground down the overlapping steel that allowed us to press the cups out from around the cross.  Then we put the yoke on that connects to the column direct to the piece on the rack.

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