Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mar 19 - mo money mo money

Got the Arbor and flywheel back today. Everything all balanced and zeroed out the flywheel. Anyone needing the arbor, we could work something out. I doubt I'll need it again and am thinking about seeing if Archie wants to buy it from me.

Will install said flywheel tomorrow and post up pics of it once it is in.

Also have both front wheels in a rim repair place. Hope to have them back in the next couple of weeks. Finally found my guy I had used last year, will be using him again now and not going back tot he place that hosed up the job. My 2 rears are about to get finalized (cleaned up and torqued down). The one I put the air in, is still holding it. So I'm feeling good about it.

Also have got back onto the emptying of the wallet. I got an SGI5 order off of eBay and 2 valve stems for my Murci wheels. Those stems are $183 a piece currently. Ouch. A lot for a brass valve stem me thinks.

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