Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30 - more parts came in

I got some parts in Saturday and today. 
2 new valve stems (@ $183 a piece, someone better like them) came in last week, if I didn't mention that before now.  Those will be to re-do my two front wheels.  One which was repaired and picked up today and the other was ordered on eBay.Brass Tee that goes to the hard brake lines in the rear of the Fiero.
The reman brake master cylinder came in.
Flex lines for the brakes.
Oil filter relocation kit from Jegs.
The SGI-5 Dakota speedo converter came in last week too.

I did order stuff today.
About $500 worth of Lambo parts (emblems, center caps for my wheels, etc)
New Murci refinished front wheel.

Still waiting on last of V8 Archie stuff to come in.  Should be here by Wed it looks like, but definitely by the end of this week.

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