Friday, March 27, 2015

Mar 26 - Steering Rack swap

So we finally went to West Coast Fiero's web site on putting an f-body steering rack into a Fiero.  It was meant for a regular Fiero and not a wide track but we think we have it now.  We got an LS1 rack.  I say that because the 94-97 LT1 motors f-bodies had a different rack than the 98-02 LS1 motor f-bodies.  I already had the LT1 one, so I was working with what I had.  I was finding out that the little bit of placement difference in the 2 of these were enough that I was never going to be able to get mine to work with the steering wheel position as it was (or needs to be).

So we got an LS1 rack and moved my new tie rods/ends off of my LT1 one and onto the LS1 one.  :-)

Here's a picture to show the difference in the two racks.  You can clearly see an angle difference in the two of them.  All hardware for mounting them swaps between them, that angle of the head where the steering column bolts up is what's really different about them and why you need the 98-02 one if you're going to try this out (Fiero or kit).

LT1 is on top, LS1 is on bottom.

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