Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mar 5 - Steering discovery

I did find out from installing my long awaited steering rack mounts that they do flex slightly when the wheel is turned back and forth.  This is concerning as we don't really have any load on the system yet.  So I did find the flex points and I have left a place in the original design to cancel that movement if needed.  Looks like it is needed.

So I will be adding two new mounts that will be welded to the cross member and then a flange point for bolting my mounts to this new piece.  Will have updates for that in the days coming.

You can see in one of the shots that the bottom right most bolt does go through the tubing with a deep well socket or extension.  Worked out nicely there.

You can also see the steering column fits within its range to be bolted together to the rack.  It is cramped up near the dash though.  Would have been nice to have another inch or so up there.  I'll be watching all of that alignment closely to decide how to deal with the instruments in that limited space.  Steering wheel is in your lap in these cars anyway.  That's just how it is.  :-)  Action on turning the wheel is smooth and not binding anywhere throughout the range.  So if you have a really wide track front end on your Fiero/Kit car and would like to have a shorter lock-to-lock experience (plus the buttons on the wheel to use and power steering), a 4th gen f-body will do the trick.

I'll post up dimensions for those who would like to see them, or copy them for themselves.

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