Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 24 - arrange pulleys how?

I've got the AN-8 cap in place and had to grind down the back of the front engine mount to clear for it.  Engine mount got POR'd yesterday and was dry enough today to install.  It's hanging on a couple of bolts to test fit my next attempt to re-purpose stuff.  I've got the old accessory bracket that's meant to be on the left side of the motor (as you face the front of the engine).  The problem with it is the depth as you move it over, the old hole can't be reused, not so much about the alignment as it is about the depth.  You see the number 1 cylinder is more forward than the second cylinder.  The bracket had this difference in its design.

What I'm trying to do is flip where it was meant to be and lean it out away from the head enough that I can get that top pulley (alt) to come into alignment well enough on to the crank that I can clear the water pump.

The bottom mount spot belongs to the A/C compressor and I can not test fit it until I can remove my motor from this stand and attach it to the engine cradle.  There are 2 convenient holes on the back of the bracket (they're hiding in this image behind the power steering pump) but accessible with the pump out.  I'm thinking I'm going to make a mount that attaches there and back to the (typical motor mount in RWD applications) motor mount.  Also when I make my mount for the tensioner, I could add a piece of angle iron to the side that faces the bracket attached on the alternator portion.  And drill holes for mounting that side of the bracket where the alternator is closest to the head.  I think with 3 different mounting locations for the bracket, it won't be moving around any.

Once I can mount the engine/transmission to the engine cradle, I believe the last bits of making this happen will go quickly.

I also had to go buy a tap (3/8-16) and chase a hole to mount this bracket to the block.  That bolt can be seen here directly under the tensioner.  It is my pivot mount for getting this piece right.  Once I locate the proper angle where things line up (from that pivot point), I'll make the motor mount piece that will secure it in this location.  Then I'll work at the tensioner mount.  Lastly I'll be able to finalize the A/C compressor and potentially use it's 3rd mounting hole as a stressed member in the alignment/securing of the big re-purposed aluminum bracket.  I don't want too much stress on any one part of the assembly, I'd rather have all parts participating.  I can ensure it doesn't move/flex any, and that if any part of it moves, it all has to move.  This also allows for smaller material to be used (as the factory does) and not over-engineer the material decisions.  I'd rather over-engineer the whole of it, not every individual piece. I'm not trying to add a ton of weight to this thing.  :-)

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