Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar 23 - Torque that flywheel already!

Geeze, I felt like I was always going to do this and other things seemed to get in the way.  (for about a week).  Well, it was done today.  I set them @ 74~75 ft. lbs on the flywheel to the crank.  Once I get my bolts in from V8 Archie for the rest of that assembly, I'll get it put together and torqued.

Should be getting a remote oil filter kit from Jegs or Summit by the end of the week. 

I did get a cap to block off my oil pan fitting that was a left over from when this motor was supercharged.  I had to grind some material off of the lower engine mount to clear said cap.  All is good there now.  That lower motor mount is also POR'd.

I'll be figuring out how to come up with my own accessories brackets to mount to the front of the motor.  I'd like to have an alternator, power steering pump and A/C compressor.  I've got some pics from V8 Archie that will help.  They show a couple of shots of an LS1, but most of them are of an LT1 that he had in his own car.  It's good to see what others have done successfully.  I think I have a different kind of pulley for my power steering pump, so I'll need to swap which one is above the other on my setup compare to Archie's as one is grooved and the other is smooth for the back of the belt to pass over.

Thanks for those keeping up with me and cheering me on.  It does help.

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