Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar 31 - mo parts came in, 3 wheels ready for balancing

I got the brackets for mounting the transmission from Archie today.  Sooner than expected according to FedEx earlier on.  :-)
I cleaned the 2 rear wheels and one front wheel that is still good.  Got the screw holes all cleaned out where there was some questionable spots.  Thread locker on the screws and they're torqued down now.
I think by Monday I'll get the refinished front wheel out of Miami.  Once that one is done I'll make a trip to Discount Tire to have my front tires remounted and all 4 balanced.
I did get Chris back over here to start back on the sanding of the body.  he'll be back tomorrow to get more of that work done.
I'm watching the video from Archie about how to install the 6 speed transmission.  I think I've only got 2 more pieces coming from him and we'll be complete on my order. Shift cable brackets for the transmission side and a clutch line adapter to plug the Fiero hydraulics into the F40 trans and we'll be good to go.  I need to start hunting a donor G6 GT 6sp car to pull the axles and intermediate shaft bracket/bearing from.  I'm sure I don't want to know how much one of them are new.  This will get me started on the custom axle path I'll be on as I try to figure out what size all of this needs to be for my wide track rear end.

Here are some pics where put a rear wheel up to the body and the paint card near it.  I think the car is going to look REALLY good.  Once we get it to where it is in pretty nice shape I think we'll buy a gallon of paint and shoot it once to get it in color and then continue the build.  Then once built we'll come back and take care of little things, clean it up and do a final shoot where needed and clear it.

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