Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apr 1 - Got the clutch/press plate on, no joke!

We got the spacer/friction plate, clutch and Pressure plate on and torqued down today.  No April Fool's joke about it!  :-)  We had to attach the transmission back onto the motor so we could roll it back into the garage.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I had to get it back indoors.

You can see how deep that flywheel assembly looks to be.  It's due to the G6 having a dual mass flywheel from the factory and the input shaft on the tranny sits way back up into the bell housing.

I also had the transmission ground off in a couple of places, to clear a couple of bolt heads on the adapter plate.

We did have a bit of bad news today.  We learned that the oil filter relocation kit that I got from Jegs didn't work out as planned.  We're now getting another part to fix that situation and we're now waiting up to a week for that part to come in.  But we'll have other work to do I'm sure.  It's now shaping up to where we can have multiple things going on at once again.

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