Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apr 25 - Starter installed

I will have to pull the transmission to get a 100% verify before engagement, but it looks like the starter is installed properly now.  I don't think it would be an Archie approved install, but it looks plenty solid.  I was worried about flexing and starter engagement getting hosed, but once I worked out a good spacer, those fears subsided.

I took Archie's block that is meant to move the starter to his adapter plate.  And I did do that.  But the depth wasn't working out for me.  So I cut that down and used that cut part to be a spacer for my starter to mount properly.  This will make more sense when I take more pictures with the transmission off of it.  but you'll see in the pictures that I do have that there is a spacer between Archie's mounting block and my starter's mounting plate.  I also have pics of the stock starter and the one I used.

I used this Jeg's Pro Start'r as I already had it on this motor.  I did have to get another stock oil pan as my after-market one was too big and wouldn't allow the starter to sit on the "wrong" side of the motor.

Had to cut a notch into the transmission so I could work a wrench on the nut for the top bolt where the block mounts to the adapter plate.

Also, trying to get a stock starter to mount up on the "wrong" side meant that it had to be mounted at about a 45 deg angle.  That wasn't working out.  So I used the starter I had (the stock one will go back to the guy I got it from).  And I'll pay for the oil pan I got from him and be selling my over sized  triple barn door oil pan with scraper that was on my LT1.  I knot they're a lil over $300 new.  I'll put mine up on eBay.

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