Tuesday, April 7, 2015

APr 7 - new wheel is done

I couldn't make it out in time to pick up my new wheel from the shop.  Was a crazy busy day that was a bit unexpected.  Time flew by and I couldn't get to the things that I wanted to.  I'll go by there first thing in the morning and get it picked up.  Then it'll be over to the tire joint to mount/balance the fronts and balance the rears.  Then I'll be done with them for now.

I did get the engine/tranny up on the engine cradle, on top of a couple of sawhorses.  I'll get a pic of that tomorrow. 

Trying to work out various things on the motor while it's up in the air like it is now. 
  • Accessory placement and belt location.
  • Oil filter relocation job .
  • Engine and transmission bracket locations.
  • Centering motor and transmission where they belong on the cradle.
  • Starter relocation.
 Just looking these things over.  I wanted to move the starter and have the oil filter moved out of the way so that could be done.  But no, the wrong part came in (shouldn't have listened to that guy).  So I have an RMA being worked out now so I can get the proper 90* oil filter relocation adapter.  Few more days then those things can start coming together.

I think I'll get my welder guy over before the week is out to weld up my brackets for the motor and transmission (to the cradle).  Then I can get on with the test fitting into the frame.

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