Friday, April 3, 2015

Apr 4 - 'new' front wheel came in

And of course, if you know the on-going saga of my wheel woes, then you can guess what happened next . . .  One bolt, stripped the head on it! Yay! me!  So once I get the one bolt drilled out, I'll have a usable front wheel to final assemble.  I did get the rest of the bolts out of it and cleaned out the holes and the bolts themselves.  Ran a clean bolt through all of the holes to check them out.  Ran a wire wheel on a drill around every bolt to makes sure they're cleaned up.  Also noticed that none of the bolt heads on this wheel say what my other wheel's bolts have said on their heads.  Titanium Corse.  Not on these bolts.  The re-finish job was a crap job.  They had painted the silver right over the tops of the bolts and all.  Horrible.  I don't know why it is so hard to find people who could use some common sense in how to deal with these wheels, but it seems to be the bane of the Murcielago's existence.  :-)  Seems most people who pull these wheels treat them like crap and then those who don't know what they have in their hands screw them up.  Sigh.  Anyhow.  I'm taking them to my wheel repair guy on Monday to drill the bolt out and I'll put them back together with my black center instead.  After I install a new valve stem.  then it'll be off to Discount Tire to mount and balance both front wheels and balance only for the two rears.  Then I should be final on the wheels (ready to go onto the car).

I didn't make a pic of the crap silver job those ya-hoos down near Miami had done.  I will shoot them again once they're on the car though.  May be a bit before that happens.  I'm in the engine/tranny into frame mode now.

Thanks for keeping up. :-)

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