Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8 - whittling wood, or copper as it were

Gettin this plumbing done on the fumes box is like whittling wood, you're not going to do it all in one sitting.  Not a piece this size anyway.

So I've had to break this short run into two pieces and join it with some sort of coupler or union.  We'll see what I have to choose from on the next store run.

Here's pics fo what I have so far.  You can see that I'm using the ports that are meant to blow fresh air into the exhaust.  I'm using that to feed hot exhaust gas over to the vaporizer box.  Can't wait to see if I have this first run at it pretty close on the math in my head.  If this thing starts right up on my first go, it'll be amazing that it works out this way.  Almost like this motor is meant o be modded this way.  ;-D

I'll work more on my exit plumbing from the box once I get a chance to work on the car some more.

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