Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3 - Helicoil to the rescue

So on Sunday, the 1st, I tried to put my exhust manifolds back on.  Trying to button up everything that I had been working on lately.  EGTs were in so I was reinstalling the manifolds, fixed (I hope) an oil leak, was going to install my battery finally.... then the rear manifold install didn't go so well.  The front one went on like clockwork, the rear one stripped 2 bolt holes out of the head. 

I was so disgusted I didn't do anything else after that.  Later that day I got some serious sinus issues and went down for the count yesterday.  Not doing too much better today, but well enough that I go out there and repaired the two stripped out holes.  I drilled them out, ran the tap (not too pretty, but I think it'll hold) and inserted the helicoils.

You can see where the threads came out of one of the holes with the bolt.

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