Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apr 28 - Exhaust temp probes are installed

As I finished this up today as well, I'm putting it down as today's progress.  I worked in between other regular jobs for work and amazingly got a lot finished up today.  Battery box, temp probe for the vaporizer box and this one to finish up the temp probes for the exhaust manifolds.

So I had one post already where I had to weld that one up as it didn't go so well for the drilling and threading of that EGT bung into the manifold.

But I got this finished up today by taking an O2 plug and drilling it out and tapping it for the other EGT probe to fit in it.  That went pretty well and it was able to be screwed together.  We'll see if it leaks or not and needs to be welded after all, but in both of these weld cases, it is one where only the bung is being welded, I will always be able to replace the probe in either of them.

Some pics of that work being done and completed.

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