Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apr 28 - BATT-ah-RY!!!

I was struggling to get this one done as I needed time to do it and everything else kept coming up that needed done.  So I worked in between other jobs on this one getting done and still managed to knock it out today.  There are some little stragglers that need tidying up but it is in there!  I took pictures of what it looks like in the build up of what I've done.

Any comments will be well received (minus trolls of course).

I got done last night; Aluminum tray for the battery box to sit in and the brace that is welded to the square tube that it is sitting on.  Then today I got the tabs added onto the brace so there is no left/right movement.  And also added the mount on the firewall to support the front bit and stop any fore/aft movement.

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