Monday, April 25, 2016

Apr 24 - Custom Exhaust?

I pulled the manifolds back off so I can put my EGT sensors in them.  I've discovered that it will be much easier to mount them into the locations where the stock O2 sensors were.  One side will need drilled and tapped and the other will use the existing O2 threaded location with a bushing in it.

I'm sourcing that bushing now, or may just use a plug and will drill and tap that myself.  Whichever comes first in my search.  I've checked with English NPT sizes and the threaded O2 hole is smaller than 1/2" but larger than 1/4" NPT.  I don't think it is 3/8" NPT, but am suspecting that it is metric.

Anyone want to leave a remark on this, I'd appreciate it.  These are stock exhaust manifolds from a 93-97 f-body, LT-1 motor.  Specifically from a 95 if it matters.

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