Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apr 28 - Vaporizer box - more details

In case you're following me as I go along... The box I have is a Type 4 from

There are a couple of modifications that need to be made to the box to make it become a vaporizer instead of an intercooler.  I left off an update when it happened as I hadn't figured out how I was going to tackle the temp probe that goes into the same box.  I wound up putting it on the opposite side of where I was originally thinking that I would put it.  I am trying to have it right in front of the fuel injector so I know the temp at the hottest spot in the box and right near where the fumes try spraying into the fins of the intercooler section.  The pictures will help make this more sense.

I bought a fuel injection bung kit for a 4 cylinder fuel rail from eBay.  The title of the item I bought was called "Raw Dash 8 Fuel Rail & Injector Bung Set - 17" RAIL AND 4 BUNGS".  It was from this seller.  The fuel rail itself is ready to go for a 1/2" NPT tap to be turned in it.  Makes it easy to adapt some fuel lines to it.  The fuel injector bungs have a shoulder cut into one end on them.  You can use this to set the bottom of the injector appropriately and then cut the length down as it is made for you to decide how long that bit should be.

The intercooler I was talking about is here.  It has a 3" intake and outlet on it.  Has M8 x 1 bolt holes in it for mounting.  I had a machine shop cut the hole for the fuel injector bung to drop into.  We set the depth to being flush in the back and protruding into the air intake nearest where the air enters the unit.  We made the hole about .030" slotted long front to back so we could angle the bung so it wasn't spraying straight down.  You can see some of these details in the pictures also.  The K type thermocouple that I bought for a temp probe in this unit came from China and was listed on eBay here.  They list it as a 3/8" NPT fitting, but it is actually M8 x 1.25.  I drilled and tapped a spot for that as you can also see in the pics.  I just forced the probe down in between 2 of the passages for the heating (in my case, cooling by design) to run through.  It reaches about 3/4" down into there.  I should get good readings of the temp as it enters this section.  I want to ensure that I don't ever allow this temp to get too high.

If there are questions, leave them in the comments section and I can provide more detail about these things.

The off-center angle I'm using here is to ensure the probe goes down in between two runners inside.  If you line this up perfect top-down, it will run right into one of the runners and as I would be tapping this for the probe to be installed into.... You get the idea.

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