Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 8 - fails are learning devices

So I found out that it takes about 2 mins for my charcoal heating element to get hot enough to explode a gasoline puddle.  :-D

So here's my heating element.  I bent it up tightly to fit inside the 90 degree elbow.  I have multiple views so you can see all of the stainless steel ties that I used to make a web for helping to heat the air and make it behave more like a heat exchanger, instead of the element itself getting really hot and not mixing that with the incoming air.

Then of course I drilled a hole into the 90 and allowed one tie to hold that heating element in the elbow pretty well.  So it isn't moving around so much while driving.

In this last pic you can see the inverter and the intake elbow.  I've got a solid state relay that I will be using to power the element on and off in a slow pulse fashion to keep heat temps up but not too high to avoid another loud noise again.  :-)

In the youtube video you can see the make shift air filter blow out and hear the pop noise from the small explosion.  I did drive the car right after this, I just turned the heat off and drove like I used to.  The new thing being that I have is the heat from the water in the engine block that I am spraying against, so I was able to keep the injector turned down from where I used to have to keep it when it was ambient temps only.

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