Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb 9 - Coop. Keeping it real

So today I got my son out to help me with another test drive in the Lambo.  My bright idea was to have him manually switch the power off and on to the heating element to try and regulate the heat to some extent.  You know what?  People have a good ear for things if they're tuned into them.  We let the heating unit run for a minute to a minute and a half and then tried to crank the car.

It was 48 outside with a wind chill much colder than that and it fired right up.  We let the car run for about 9 minutes so it was good and warm on the water temp.  Shut it off and then I started to make the video you can now see on youtube.

This video needs some explanation though.  There is a bit in the description but it doesn't do some things justice that occurred.  Something you can't see on the video is how rich I got the thing.  I actually flooded it!!!  I have done this on the go-kart before.  Got the fumes so hot and rich that I didn't have enough air and I killed the motor.

So once I could finally get it to start up again, I had it rolling the smoke from being rich. I shut my injector off and drove back up the hill (driveway) and into the road.  After I was up there it finally acted like it wanted to stumble and I added the injector back on!  Wow!  You know how much fumes it had to make from that small puddle of fuel it had to back all the way up the hill?  Amazing!

As usual you can hear the brake dragging.  I hadn't figured that out yet.  Sorry.  Gotta deal with it on my videos until I get that sorted.  Sorry too that the phone fell under my seat but you can still everything going on in the video and the commentary at the end.

Thanks for watching.  I hope this is as exciting to watch as it is for me to make the history of making it happen (all over again)!  :-D  I don't mean this specific video, but the series of what it takes to make this happen!  I'm sure I'll eventually get a turbo and do the Smokey thing totally, but this baby step to getting there is a great lesson and fun thing to do.  Just driving on one injector normally aspirated is fun as all hell.  :-D  Enjoy!

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