Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb 26 - finish up that breath

I closed up the intake tube today.  I got the slot cut out to allow the heating element to exit from inside the elbow.  I got the clamps on it.  Repositioned the air filter so it can get fresh air from outside. 

I thought I would show what the element looks like up inside the elbow once it is ready to go before I add the other bits where it blocks the view of the one tie wrap I use to hole the element in place.  I've got a hole drilled into one end of the elbow so I can run a tie wrap through that to pull the element to the one end.  That makes the back end set its location so it can't be moving around in there once set with the cap on the top.

Then I added a piece of foam rubber with electrical tape wrapped around it (to stop the flaky bits from getting sucked into the motor itself).  I have a stainless steel tie wrap on that as well.  there are multiple pictures so I can try to get enough angles to make sense of what you can see.  When you see the 2.25" pipe doing a 180 up near the camera view, you're looking down through the quarter window behind the passenger's door, to see that view.

Can also see the temp probe touching on the back of this 180 bend at the bottom.
Which appears on the left in this image.
Can see the opening in between the heat elements leads.

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