Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mar 1 - one program away

I've got the last of the physical install stuff done for the next iteration of the fumes testing.  I've got the solid state relay installed.  It is controlling the power line to the heating element being allowed to connect or not.  It has a 5v turn on that is micro-controller switched based on the temperature it sees in the box and being mounted up against the element itself.  This will avoid the element reaching a temp high enough to have any more small explosions in the box.

Here's the solid state relay.

Control is on the bottom, the power line I spliced into is on the top.  I'm repurposing the same setup that was going to watch the larger vaporizer box with and control the vacuum to the EGR, is now being used here instead.  I think being 100% electrical I can be more accurate in the temp control.  We'll see.  

It takes a little longer to warm up, but allows me to save more fuel on cold starts than it would have in the other method.  I plan to put some sort of gauge to see the temp at all times.  I'm thinking because it is already run by the teensy, that I could run a servo that has a hand on it and make my own gauge to watch.  Easier to know the actual temp for cold starts.  That would be nice to know over having just an LED.  That was my original idea, I was going to light an LED with an icon in front of it that looks like the glow plug warming coil icon that Diesels use when they cold start.  I'd rather have the gauge and know the actual temps.

Thanks for your time.  Hopefully this will inspire others to do similar stuff.

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