Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mar 25 - more on the doors pt 2

In continuing to document my progress on building out my doors, I have the following update.  I've not made any more progress on the passenger side, but have moved to the drivers side.  I had help with me on Friday that could help with getting the latch going.  Once I did that I just kept on going with what I already knew from the passenger side on how to get started on the window and regulator on the driver's side.  So once I was over there on the driver's side, I decided to take that regulator to the next step that I had yet to do on the pass side.  I cut the vertical track out of the fiberglass mount and made a new one directly onto my Lambo door.  I was able to get much closer to the tolerance of what room I have to work within and was able to make the regulator removable.

Here are some pics of the work that was done Friday afternoon and Saturday.

Was able to make one cut for the striker to come through. Drilled either end and hit the two lines with the vibration cutter.

Got these two holes on the money for the striker.
Striker is on.
Latch is on. This stuff goes so much faster once you've done it before. ;-)
Rivet time. Keeps everything in place while I work other things out.
Door lines up pretty nice.
Cut away some steel to let the vertical get some clearance. All of this with the glass is very close. Can also see where I welded my small piece back to the horizontal bit.
Made a small angle bracket for the lower to bolt to. Bent it as well.
Both doors turned out the same on the angle of the bottom of the glass to the horizontal rail.  I think I'll work with that.
On to trying to mount the glass to the rail next!

Thanks for your time and hopefully these tips will help someone else.

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