Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mar 18 - More on the doors

This update follows on from the previous one about how to get the doors done.

In the previous episode I was talking about getting the latch in, then hanging the window + regulator then moving on the strut that holds the door open.

This one I'm talking about the window and the regulator.  I'm also discussing the door skin being removable but only cutting it, not the later steps about how to add it back.

Using a variable speed saw I'm using this cutter that has a 1 3/8th wide end on it.  It was very nice for plunging into some interesting shapes to get the cut right.

I was keeping the tool at about a 45 degree angle as I was cutting the front and back areas of the door.

I was showing how you can also just use the corner of this tool to make nice radius cuts.

This was one of the rivets that I had placed around the whole of the skin.  This will make it easier to relocate the lower skin back to where it was when it was all lined up.

Lower skin removed.

In these images you can see how wavy the edge of the glass is. Not a very good manufacturing process.

Further down the length you can see it isn't straight at all.  Does this along the whole of the top from front to back edges.  Roller coaster.

You can see that I have drilled and some rivets in to hold this piece up in place, along the front edge you can see more drill hole locations. The D&R came template'd with them into the body.

Looking back the other way.

Regulator sitting in near the right location. Glass being held up with tape so everything can be checked out.

Getting dark but was trying to provide another angle for zooming in and looking at it.
Both of these images need zoomed in to see more and rotated.

Here's a youtube video going over what has been done.  More details there than what I have typed.

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