Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mar 5 - set that temp

I've now got a working temp control for the pre-heater element.  It does switch on and heat up to well beyond where I want it to, and then it recognizes it has over shot and it turns off.  Then once under temp again, it will switch back on.  So I have some progress there. 

It was only at the end of the day when I got this far and had already switched off my computer so I'll have to start over tomorrow with the RasPi and reset it to a default install.  Then I can reload the Arduino and Teensy stuff on it and then go again with trying to adjust my program.  I was updating the program on my laptop and then trying to test, which wasn't working out.  I didn't find this out 100% until I had plugged the teensy back into the RasPi and everything worked as it should had.

I also adjusted the dip switches on the back of my tach so it'll be good to see if that has corrected my tach output now.  Would be nice to see a normal idle showing on the tach, instead of it claiming to be 250 rpm.  :-)

So maybe tomorrow I can set the temp much higher than where I have it now and add a couple of features, where it will be easier to tell what the temp is and maybe even an easy way to set the temp instead of using a computer to set it.  May be getting ahead of myself there.

I'm just glad to be over the hump to where I know have an automated means for controlling the power to the heating element and it will regulate the temp within some margin.  Now I can focus on figuring out what that temp should be and automating more of the processes that it takes to make this as easy to use as a normal fuel injected car is.


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