Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aug 11 - physical bug not a software bug

I've got a couple of pictures of the progress I was making this night, before a bug decided it wanted to live beyond my eyelid.  Here's an excerpt from the email I sent my buddies describing to them what happened.

I fell. I got up. But landed hard. Was last night. Went to see the back cracker this morning. Said I knocked my pelvis out of alignment. 

I was working on the car and a bug flew into my eye. I was digging it out and he was trying to dig in to get away from me. I held one finger on the eye while I was making a bee line to the bathroom to flush it out with water. As I ran through the utility room,  I tried to hop over the baby gate at that doorway. I caught my ankle on the top of it but had too much momentum to stop. So I tried a double hop thing but went over the top and landed hard on the floor in the kitchen.

I got up right away as my eye was killing me and went to flush it out. T dug it out, what she could, still feels like something is in there. But was already feeling it,  the fall. My whole left side landed like a sack of potatoes. Forearm,  knee,  shoulder are the worst. 

But before that drama, I did find the proper way these Acura Integra radiators belong in my D&R rear ducts.


This is the expanded metal I'm going to use to screen off rocks and things from hitting my radiators as they're right behind the rear wheel there.  The holes are big enough for my pinky finger to go in to the first knuckle.  Should flow plenty of air still.

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  1. Your vault into the kitchen is supposed to be with a POLE. I guess the running start was too much for that short space. OUCH. Hope you feel better. Some bugs just do not know where to go and stay out of trouble with big guys.